Taxes & License Fees

Property Taxes

Search property taxes using our online Tax Master Service. (No username or password)

Instructions for generating a list of delinquent taxes:

  • Login to the Tax Master Service above.
  • Enter the tax year you wish to search or select [all]. Click search.
  • Change the number in the display records entry to 3000 and click search again.
  • Click "account balance" at the top of the column to sort.
  • Wait for the page to load and click the "account balance" again. This will sort outstanding bills by amount in descending order.
  • To export to Excel, press ctrl-a to select all, then ctrl-c to copy. Paste into a blank Excel spreadsheet.

To learn more about County property taxes, visit the Scott County Clerk Website.

Occupational License Taxes

To learn more about occupational license taxes, visit the Georgetown-Scott County Revenue Commission Website.