Code Enforcement

In 2016, the cities of Georgetown, Sadieville, and Stamping Ground and Scott County joined forces to form the Local Government of Scott County Joint Code Enforcement Board. Pursuant to an Interlocal Agreement, the City of Georgetown will administer the code enforcement division, which investigates alleged violations of these jurisdictions’ ordinances. Examples of such violations include:

  • Tall grass
  • Property maintenance
  • Stormwater violations
  • Nuisances
  • Loud Noises
  • Broken Sidewalks

If a violation is observed, a code enforcement officer will issue a Notice of Violation or a Citation, depending upon the circumstances. Property owners are given a certain amount of time to either correct the violation or contest the Citation. For more information, you can view Georgetown’s Code Enforcement Board Ordinance here

To report a violation, call Code Enforcement at 502-603-5844 or email us.

Code Enforcement Ordinance
Amendment to Code Enforcement Ordinance        

Georgetown Ordinances


As a result of legislation passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in 2016, the City of Georgetown is required to create and maintain a lienholder notification system that provides lienholders and other interested parties with electronic notifications of all final orders (liens) on properties within its code enforcement jurisdiction.  

 Final order means any order:

  1. Issued by the Code Enforcement Board and not appealed; 
  2. Issued by an assigned hearing officer and not timely appealed to the code enforcement board;
  3. Created because a violator neither paid nor timely contested a citation; or
  4.  Created because a violator failed to appear at a hearing the violator requested to contest a citation.

Individuals and entities, including but not limited to lienholders, may register with the Georgetown-Scott County Code Enforcement office to receive notifications. Once per month, information regarding final orders is posted to this webpage, and an electronic notification is sent to all parties who have submitted contact information to the Georgetown-Scott County Code Enforcement office. Please complete the following Lienholder Notification Form if you would like to receive email notifications of final orders. 

Please note that the amounts listed in the following spreadsheet do not include additional charges such as accrued interest and recording fees.  For other issues or charges pertaining to a specific piece of property, contact Georgetown-Scott County Code Enforcement at 502-603-5844 or email us.

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