Chief Administrative Officer

Andrew Hartley - Chief Administrative Officer

Andrew Hartley, Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer is an appointed official of the City of Georgetown having the following statutory duties and responsibilities:

  • Advise  the  executive  authority  of  the  city  in  policy  formulation  on  overall problems of the city; 
  • Have major responsibility for preparation and administration of operating and capital improvement budgets under direction of the executive authority;
  • Advise  the  executive  authority  of  the  city  in  the  appointment  of  subordinate administrative personnel if not delegated appointment authority by appropriate order; and 
  • Have  continuing  direct  relationships  with  operating  department  heads on implementation and administration of programs.
  1. Andrew Hartley

    Chief Adminisitrative Officer
    Phone: 502-863-9800 (Press 9)

  2. City Hall

    Physical Address
    100 N Court Street
    Georgetown, KY 40324

    Phone: 502-863-9800