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Dumpster Permit Application

    • The dumpster placed on a public street must be permitted by the Office of Code Enforcement.
    • The dumpster requires a 6” distance from curb to dumpster.
    • The dumpster must have a minimum of (4) traffic cones, preferably with high reflective markings, on all sides of the dumpster and include company name or logo with contact phone number.      
    • The dumpster must be kept clean and neat in appearance.
    • The dumpster must be placed on or near the approved property in the dumpster permit application.
    • At no time will a dumpster be permitted to be placed onto any running lane of the roadway restricting the flow of traffic.
    • The dumpster is to be emptied when full or within 24 hours of notice.
    • The dumpster must be removed from the approved property location no later than the removal date listed on the permit.
    • Dumpster permits are issued at the discretion of the Office of Code Enforcement.
    • Dumpsters are subject to impoundment and/or a fine if the dumpster is located on a public street or on the property without a permit.
    • The dumpster permit fee is $25.00. The Office of Code Enforcement may grant a dumpster permit on a public street for up to 30 days.  The Code Enforcement Officer may grant an extension for the dumpster. The applicant must provide good cause as to why the extension is necessary before an extension is granted.  Dumpster extension fee is $25.00 per extension.

    Please contact Code Enforcement at 502-603-5844 with any questions.

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  5. Dumpster permits will only be approved for up to 30 days. After 30 days you must apply for an extension and pay an additional fee.

  6. You may not set a dumpster or POD on a public street until approved by the Office of Code Enforcement.  Once a decision is made for approval or denial you will be contacted by Code Enforcement staff.  If approved, a $25.00 permit fee must be paid before a permit is issued.

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